School Phone Numbers and Address 



Dear Parents,


We are required by the Chancellor to put a policy in place by March 2nd 2015 that governs the use of cell phones, computing devices and entertainment systems. 


Our experience with students bringing cell phones and entertainment systems to school has been that too often they go missing (lost or stolen) either in school or on the bus. This creates many issues regarding questioning students and investigating incidents. We feel it is the safest policy for students not to have them in school. As our sites are small, everyone has the ability to make and receive calls to their parents in an emergency. We also feel it can lead to miscommunication if students are being communicated to directly and administration or staff is not also informed. 

P224 currently has seven different locations. Parents can contact the school at any time if there is an urgent communication that needs to be delivered to a student. If you cannot contact the site then you can contact the main office (please see the site numbers and main office numbers at end of the policy). Likewise, students may call parents from the office if there is an urgent message to be communicated to a parent.

The attached policy was adopted for P224 based on Chancellors Regulation A- 413 and was agreed upon by the School Leadership Team on February 27th 2015.  


Every parent will be sent a copy of the policy and it will also be posted on our school website. We recognize that the majority of parents will not be sending students to school with electronic devices however we want every parent to sign below acknowledging receipt of the policy and return the cut off to the classroom teacher by March 5th.


 If you are intending to send your child to school with a cell phone, computing device or entertainment system you must sign below acknowledging receipt of the P224 policy on the use of these devices. You and your child must also read and sign the contract governing use of these devices in school and return, both the cut off below and the signed contract, before such a device is allowed in the school building.