The P.224Q @ P.S.186 Lab will provide students with a nurturing environment in which technology is integrated into the instructional curriculum in developmentally appropriate ways to enhance student learning.  


Computer Lab Charter

We the students of P.224@P.S.186Q will:
Come to class ready to learn.
Operate the equipment properly. Respect hardware and software.
Make sure we listen and follow directions. Follow our school rules.
Push our chairs in when we are done. Keep our workspace clean.
Use our inside voices.
Touch the keyboard lightly.
Eat and drink outside the computer lab.
Respect ourselves and others.
Learn something new each time we come to the lab.
Always do out best work.
Be careful and safe on the Internet.  Stay on the School Portal!




Visit the P.224Q at P.S. 186 Computer Lab Page at http://guest.portaportal.com/224 to view Coding Resources. 

Lego Robotics at P.224Q

District 75 Second Annual STEM Fair

Coding/One Hour of Code at P.224Q

Units of Study K-2

   Unit #1  Rules, Routines, Assessment
   Unit #2  Letter Recognition

Unit #3  Keyboarding

Unit #4  Internet Safety
   Unit #5  Number Recognition OR Kid Pix Tutor
    Unit #6  Geometry Projects OR Kid Pix Tutor

Units of Study Grades 3-5

 Unit #1 All About Me Projects, Rules, Routines
   Unit #2 Internet Safety
   Unit #3 Keyboarding
   Unit #4 Coding/One Hour of Code
    Unit #5 Lego Robotics


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BrainPOP Jr.
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Discovery Education Streaming
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District 75 Technology Solutions
NYCDOE District 75 Technology Forms and Files
One More Story
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Vimeo District 75 New York City
A collection of videos from NYCDOE District 75.
World Book Online
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Five Reasons to Teach Kids to Code