P.224Q at I.S.266

 74-10 Commonwealth Boulevard
Glen Oaks, New York 11426
(718) 479-4322
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Standard and Alternate Assessment INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM:


P. 224Q  @ P.S./I.S. 266,  is a District 75 Citywide program which service students in grades sixth through eighth  grade. We are a standard assessment program which includes 12:1:1  staffing ratio classes as well as inclusion and Hearing Education Services classes. Throughout the day, P.224Q @P.S./I.S. 266, offers a safe and creative structured environment that meets the needs of all students in order to promote independence and communicate with families openly and often. Our program focuses on developing the students’ academic, social and emotional growth. Teachers, service providers, and ESL teachers collaborate on a consistent basis in order to address and meet the needs of all students within the program. We implement curriculums including Math in Focus, Go Math, Morningside Fluency, Treasures, Reading A-Z, Teacher’s College Units of Study for Writing, Ready Gen, and the Power of Choice.


Throughout the day at P. 224 @ P.S./I.S.266, we incorporate:

- Rigorous common core driven instruction

- Small group and differentiated instruction

- Lessons targeting the student’s functional

academic level

- Visual and hands on lessons

- Data driven created lessons

- Structured days to create consistent routines

- An embedded rewards system

- Enhanced and reinforced positive behaviors

- Social and emotional development



P. 224@P.S./I.S. 266 is a District 75 Citywide program that services students in grades sixth to eighth grade. There are classes of students with a 12:1:1 staffing ratio.  We offer a nurturing environment for each individual child to apply their knowledge in a way that permits them to increase their independence. The components of the program incorporate the principles of TEACCH, PECS,  Collaborative Teaching as well as a strong Home School connection. Speech and ESL teachers as well as Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Hearing and Vision Therapists collaborate with teachers in order to create individualized educational goals. We implement curriculums including TouchMath, Equals, Unique Learning System, Building with Stories, ELSB, Pathways, and Theme Based Teaching.


Throughout the day at P.224Q @ P.S/I.S.266, we incorporate:

• Small group/individual instruction

• Reinforcement techniques

• Repetition of skills

• Consistency of routines

• Cause and Effect Learning

• Data collection which drives instruction

• Generalization of skills

• Adaptive Daily Living skills

• Social Skills

• ESL push in and pull out services