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P. 224Q @ P.S. 71O is a District 75 Citywide program that serves Preschool students with a disability. The students are between the ages of 2.9 and 5 years old.  There are 8 classes of students with a 8:1:2 staffing ratio at our site. It is a full day, 12 month program.

We offer a nurturing environment in the context of providing a curriculum that recognizes, respects, and expands the child's interests, strengths, and abilities.  We offer a comprehensive program with the essential elements of a quality program as outlined by the State Education Department. The components of our Preschool program incorporate the principles of ABA, TEACCH, PECS, as well as Collaborative Teaching, and a strong Home School connection. We also implement curriculums including TouchMath, Equals,and Unique Learning Systems.

Throughout the day at P. 224 @P.S 710, we incorporate:

• Reinforcement

• Pairing

• Prompt hierarchy

• Repetition

• Consistency

• Consequences-cause and effect learning

• Data collection

• Generalization

• Task Analysis

• Shaping behaviors