Instructional Focus 2015-2016

Teachers will engage students in cognitively challenging learning activities and discussions that promote 

deeper and higher thinking aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards and quality IEP goals.


CEP Goals 2015-2016

• By strengthening the culture of collaborative teaching and inquiry, students will continue to increase their reading comprehension using specific/selected-reading strategies as evidence by 5% increase over baseline by June 2016.

• In order to improve the learning environment, targeted P.224Q students across all grades levels will continue to improve social skills/social interactions by appropriate behavioral assessment by June of 2016.

• By June 2016, P.224Q targeted students across each of the disability populations will continue to increase their ability to problem solve using selected mathematical strategies as evidence by a 5% increase over baseline.


Alignment to Building Capacity And Improving Results For All


P.224Q is committed to working collaboratively with parents, educators and outside agencies to improve student achievement with a focus on successful post secondary outcomes for all students.