Welcome Letter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the school year 2016/2017. For those parents new to our school we welcome you and your child into the P224 family. We also welcome back those students and parents who have been with us from previous years. Our commitment is to strive to help students build academic and social skills that will help minimize the impact of their specific challenges.

At P224 we believe that a collaborative approach to education is the best model to accelerate achievement. This means that we strive for all stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, related service providers and outside agencies to work together for the best interests of the student.

Central to the practices of the P224 staff, is the belief that the role of special education is to minimize the impact of students’ challenges while maximizing the opportunities for participation in the least restrictive environment. Our curricula are aligned to the Common Core and are differentiated depending on the needs of the student.

We will also continue to focus on student attendance. To increase the probability of student success, it is important that students attend school. It also begins the process of instilling good work ethics at an early age which helps student eventually gain and maintain employment. We will be setting attendance targets for each student in grades K-8.

During the week of September 19th -23rd we have scheduled parent visits to each of our 6 sites. This gives every parent an opportunity to see their child’s school and meet with the teachers and related service providers. This schedule will be sent to you from the site your child attends.

P224@710   Monday September 19th

P224@115   Monday September 19th

P224@186   Tuesday September 20th

P224@205   Wednesday September 21th

P224@26     Thursday September 22nd

P224@266         Friday September 23rd

This year we will be providing many opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s education. Our first PTA meeting will be on Saturday September 24th at 9:30AM before the start of our annual P224 Parent open morning for families of the whole 224 organization. It will be held at our main site at PS186. It is our goal that every parent attends this first meeting so that you can get an introduction to the administrative team and to the PTA members. The PTA is always looking for support. After the meeting we will host our annual breakfast as a welcome from the teachers for all your family and there will be lots of organized fun activities for your families.

Mrs. Susan Gelman is our parent coordinator. Currently she is out on a sick leave and we hope she will return soon. In the meantime you will be hearing from us in the next few weeks about many other opportunities that you may wish to participate in. We will also let you know about upcoming parent workshops and several new resources. A parent handbook has been forwarded to each of you. The handbook has been updated and it contains much information that will be useful to you throughout the year. Please keep it in a safe place as it will answer many of your questions and has many important phone numbers.

Please fill in all pertinent color coded forms that have been sent home with your child. It is important that we have updated contact information immediately and are aware of any medical alerts.

This year our school wide website will be our focus of communication with you. Everyone who has an email account or cell phone should give us your information so that you can be reached in the event of an emergency or inclement weather. This site will be used by many teachers so parents can be informed about class events etc. We will be forwarding you more information in the next few days. All pertinent information about school day, addresses of sites, school closing etc. will be available. Many documents can be translated to any language. The handbook will explain that documents with a computer symbol can be translated on the website.   Please check website daily.

The administrative team, staff and I look forward to meeting all of you. We can assure you that our goal is that your child has the best educational experience at P224 – an experience that will challenge and support each and every child to grow and achieve so that by the end of their educational experience at 21 they will be prepared for the workplace and become independent productive citizens. Feel free to communicate with us at any time. If we are not available immediately we will get back to you in a timely manner.



Desmond Park